know yourself.   love yourself.

trust yourself.

Knowing, loving, and trusting yourself is the foundation for every healthy relationship.

In today's world, there are so many obstacles keeping you from truly knowing yourself (spoiler: like gaslighting).  How can you possibly love what you don't fully know?

How do you overcome the obstacles and live in alignment with your authentic, whole self, especially if you don’t even know the obstacles are there?


Through Embracing Awakening



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your story 

is my story


In January 2011, the FBI showed up at my house

The FBI knocked on my door, showed me a warrant, and took my then husband and our computers away.  Having been married for 14 years at that point, I was beyond devastated; I was scared and lost.  Everything I knew to be real I now could not trust – not even myself.  How could this secret world have been happening right under my roof?  How did I not know?  Why did this happen to me?

My answers began to come when I discovered the term gaslighting.


Beyond just healing from trauma

I began to see that I had been a victim of severe, chronic gaslighting.  I knew that if I were going to heal from the trauma in my marriage, I would have to dive DEEP into understanding everything I could about this thing called gaslighting.  This journey took me YEARS.

To my wonder, healing from trauma ended up being only the beginning.  As I dove deeper and deeper, it shifted into my journey of finding out who I really was.  By looking at things from a gaslighting perspective, I was able to see how I had experienced gaslighting since childhood; gaslighting that had caused me to both TAKE ON and become things that weren’t me, and SUPPRESS things that WERE ME!  I realized I had been living only half-awake.


A new me

This new awareness enabled me to stop my self-gaslighting, release the things that were not authentically me, and discover the whole wonderful universe that was inside of me! Part of that, for me, was discovering and embracing my sexuality.

Today, I am married to the love of my life, Melanie.  The relationship we have is amazing!  I remember the day I said I wanted a partner that would love me as well as I would love them.  One week later she walked into my life!  And we’ve been together since.  I also have a wonderful relationship with my parents, my kids, and my friends.  The knowledge of, love for, and trust I have in myself has enabled me to finally have the types of relationships that one dreams of.

my journey = my passion
= your (easier) journey

As I began coaching, I quickly recognized that many of my clients were experiencing similar things in their life; in fact, many of my clients were experiencing such levels of anxiety due to the gaslighting in their life, they had been misdiagnosed as having anxiety disorders.  I was able to connect the dots of how GASLIGHTING was the cause of their anxiety, not a mental health issue.   Over and over, my clients communicated:

  • Feelings of being lost, confused, afraid, going “crazy”, alone, and depressed.

  • Battling anxiety, often at a debilitating level.

  • Constantly second-guessing themselves; wondering what’s wrong with them.

  • Being unsure of their wants, let alone needs.

  • Being exhausted from the “mental gymnastics” they were always doing to try to keep the “facts” straight.

  • Not understanding why things feel “off”.

  • Not being able to hold their boundaries (if they were aware of them).

  • Loss of “identity”/felt like a different person.

  • Loss of self-trust.

  • Being miserable in their relationship(s).


My clients were desperate to find peace, and for their own transformational journeys to knowing, loving, and trusting themselves.  I knew my journey could be a blueprint that could be personalized for each unique client, but my journey had been slow and grueling.  As a pioneer myself in the field of gaslighting, I didn’t really have an  already established, proven path to travel.  I believed there could be a way to streamline the journey I had gone through.  So, I set out to develop a method for others to be able to follow.


After eight years of Deconstructing Gaslighting™, over 6,000 hours of coaching clients, and multiple trainings along the way, I am now a trauma-informed coach who specializes in gaslighting. I HAVE created a program that will help you:

  • Deconstruct the gaslighting that happened/is happening in your life.

  • Shift the power to one of knowing and trusting yourself.

  • Discover the wonderful universe that is inside of YOU and enable you to find your WHOLE SELF! 

  • Live in alignment with your authentic self

  • Raise the bar in your relationships and not settle for anything less than you deserve and dream of.


That program is my Embracing Awakening signature program!

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Success Stories

"Before Sarah's coaching I looked outside of myself for validation and didn't trust my own reality. Now, with a deeper understanding of how others gaslight us AND how we can gaslight ourselves, I know myself, love myself, and trust myself, and only put energy into the relationships that do the same. Her coaching taught me to raise the bar for my relationships and authentically live my best life as my true self."


- Annie H.

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