Healthy relationships 

start with self love.

There is nothing wrong with you.

In today's world, there are so many obstacles keeping us from truly knowing ourselves (spoiler: like gaslighting).  How can you possibly love what you don't fully know?

You're not too much.  You're definitely not too sensitive.  You're not over-reacting.  And darlin, you are NOT asking for or expecting too much! 


The things wrong in the relationship are NOT your fault...

And yet, the people in your life that are gaslighting you have said these types of things, and in doing so, have chipped away at your sense of self.  Every time you tried to honor your knowing, and you were told it's not valid, the connection to your inner self grew weaker as the confusion, anxiety, feelings of being lost, unsafe and stuck grew stronger.

It's nearly impossible to know yourself, let alone love yourself well when this is your experience in relationships.

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your story 

is my story


You've worked.  OH!  How you've worked!  HARD!  And for years - maybe most of your life!  You've learned about your Enneagram, done personality assessments, had therapy, couples therapy, read so many self-help books, not to mention the endless hours of googling and research.  And you have been able to grow and heal quite a bit!

These are all things most of my clients had done before finding me, and yet they still found themselves feeling stuck - unable to effect the changes in their relationships they so deeply yearned for.  They struggled with feeling confused, unsafe and often alone - even in their primary relationships.  MANY of my clients, despite all their work, felt like they were no longer the person they once were; they felt lost.

I can relate... It was August 2010.  I remember sinking into my seat on the airplane, headed home to California after visiting a dear friend in Australia. I was hoping the flight attendants wouldn't notice the tears streaming down my face.  As much as I adored and missed my two kids, I was miserable, and oh, so lonely in my marriage - I just didn't know why.  It wasn't too long after this experience that my marriage blew up, and my journey of truly knowing and loving myself - really for the first time in my life - began. 


Click here to watch a video of my story, and hear just how much I can relate to your journey!


I am a gaslighting specialist that has connected three crucial relationship issues into the triad of relational transformation. Here's how I can help.

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Success Stories

"After I experienced betrayal in my relationship, I was floundering for help. I was a mess trying to make sense of what happened, and I just couldn't. I sought help from every possible source I could think of. From where I'm sitting now, over two years later, I can say that the help that Sarah was able to give me as a life coach was the best help of all. Her coaching has been the tool that has allowed me to get a grip on my life again. She is compassionate, thoughtful, gentle, and hilarious.

One day she told me, "I see you. I SEE you." And for the first time in a long time I felt truly understood and safe even as the vulnerable mess I was."    — L.H.

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